“Martin Vopenka is one of my favourite Czech writers because he is not Czech at all, like Milan Kundera. You can’t find one anecdote or joke in his works, he is not boasting about his sense of humour.
He is practically an off-geographical, modern writer for young people before their fourties, who realized that a real life is somewhere else.

His writings are careful and precise, they have nothing in common with Hrabal’s language orgies. He is a Czech writer by chance.

He could be British too.”

Mariusz Szczygiel, Poland

The Times


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Books for adults

My Brother the Messiah

If in the near future a new Messiah were to appear in the middle of Europe, would people accept him? And would it prove possible to establish a new religion?

Books for adults

The Fifth Dimension

After the collapse of his successful business, the Czech entrepreneur Jakub decides to take part in a secret American research project.

New Planet

An ancient story from the distant future.
Awarded book
• Golden Ribbon (a Czech award, in the young adult)
• White Raven (Germany)
• Čitajuščij Petěrburg (Russia)


“Well worth your time. Vopenka tells a dystopian tale about hope amid chaos, and about the drawbacks, and the consolations, of faith.”

The Financial Times

“Czech author Martin Vopenka tackles complex contemporary issues in his writing. My Brother the Messiah is no exception – a quietly profound story that moves slowly at a deliberate pace and stays compelling. It presents a subtle and provocative meditation on the nature of fait and hope in the face of despair and chaos.”

Tessa Chudy, Aurealis, Australia

“Vopenka’s voice is Czech yet global and his prose compelling.”

Jewish Renaissance, GB